Saturday, April 28, 2012

Unintentional Lain cosplay?

Some of you may know that my wife, Carol (@raphaela235 on Twitter) is a style blogger. Since early last year, I've been helping Carol with her blog (In Pursuit of Pretty Things), and she's really turned into a real blogger. Sure, I blog for work, but in terms of keeping up a personal blog, you probably know I haven't posted much these past few years (not counting my TwitterFacebook, and Google+ activity). In any case, I'm not here to make excuses. I simply have something to share that's related to my wife and serial experiments lain (the reason this blog is called lainspotting).

Last April, Carol posted an OOTD (outfit of the day) photo, something she routinely does on IPoPT. When I saw it, it seemed so familar. Here's the photo in question:

Carol Kim
Photo courtesy of Carol Kim

So, what do you think, lain fans? Does it remind you of anything?

Maybe it's a total stretch on my part, but here's what I immediately thought of:

Lain illustration
Serial Experiments Lain, ©1998 Triangle Staff / Pioneer LDC

It's just a coincidence, of course, but I thought it was funny and weird enough to share. Carol isn't huge fan of lain like I am, and she's never cosplayed as an anime character before. It just goes to show, Lain will show up in your life if you simply allow yourself to spot her.


  1. I kinda see it! I love lain and only got into it in late 09 so i've had the time of my life watching and interpreting it. I plan on re watching it once more now that i've completed my critical thinking class (last time I saw it I had just finished philosophy and that was real fun). Its nice to see other people get the same kick out of it as I do.

  2. She looks way too happy to be Lain.

  3. how so? lain smiles all the time :)

    1. I didn't noticed that, and nice unintentional cosplay.

  4. I think this is more a case of things being seen than things being there.

  5. I see it, but probably only because it was pointed out.
    /late to the party.

  6. doesn't have the hair thingy. does not match

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