Saturday, December 11, 2010

Live and direct from the Tron: Legacy Hollywood premiere

Hi everyone, I'll share the full story and more detailed thoughts later, but long story short...I'm attending the Tron: Legacy Hollywood premiere!

I have to thank the awesome folks at ESET for this amazing opportunity. A week ago, I entered an online drawing (sponsored by ESET) for a chance to see Tron: Legacy's big premiere in Hollywood, at the El Capitan Theatre. The premiere is today, nearly a full week before the general release of the movie, and it looks like Disney pulled out all the stops to make this event amazing.

I'll definitely post a full report after the event, but if you want to see live updates, follow me on Twitter (where I'll likely be using Twitpic) and/or check out my Flickr gallery for photos.

@Lawmune on Twitter

Tron: Legacy Hollywood premiere
(pictures from the event on Flickr)

Tron: Legacy Hollywood premiere

My wife Carol might also be tweeting about the event. Follow her here:

@raphaela235 on Twitter

Here is Carol's blog post containing her impressions and photos from the premiere and after-party: What I Wore (Tron: Legacy Hollywood Premiere)

Here's her first post about the event: Blue Carpet Outfit

A little while back, she blogged about our visit to the Tron Pop-Up Shop in Culver City.

Enjoy, and stay tuned!