Monday, October 04, 2010

HobbyLink Japan (HLJ) to release an Opera-tan figure

Those of you with long memories might recall the article I wrote in 2005 which more-or-less got me my job at Opera Software. In that article, among other things, I suggested the idea for Opera-tan, and artist temp_h (aka ma31) ran with the idea and illustrated the character (along with other artists who followed his lead).

In late July, temp_h announced on his blog that HobbyLink Japan (HLJ) is planning to release an Opera-tan figure.

Here's the flyer (in Japanese, with English translation below):

Opera-tan figure announcement

Translation (by Lillian Olsen, published with permission from HLJ):

HobbyLink Japan Original Figure

Who is Opera-tan? She's an anthropomorphized character for the web browser "Opera". Her international appeal lies in the high degree of detail and design perfection that rivals any anime or video game character. This is why HLJ has zeroed in on Opera-tan!! She's currently being realized in three dimensions as an original figure kit! Scheduled to go on sale next winter!!

Original design: temp_h
Model prototype design: Modeler-T
Resin-based assembly kit
Release date: Winter 2011
Price: TBA

Additional info from tanoue (an HLJ employee heavily involved in the project):

  • The figure is a resin kit.
  • HLJ does not currently have plans to release it as a completed PVC figure.
  • The Opera-tan resin kit will be released at the next Wonder Festival (February 6th, 2011) and will be sold on the HLJ web site.
  • The sculptor is "Modeler-T".
    His Website is (contents possibly NSFW).
    The prototype will be completed by the end of this year.

Here's more information (in Japanese): Opera-tan HLJ Original Figure

Here's is HLJ's English-language page about the figure: Opera-Tan: HobbyLink Japan - Original Resin Kit


  1. If you visit this link (as of 11/16/10), you can see some photos of the Opera-tan figure in its early stages: Opera-tan HLJ Original Figure

    Also, I added a link (above) to HLJ's new English-language page about the figure.

  2. I started looking into opera because of this an I must say i really like it. I still use IE sometimes because of compatibility but I think opera is the best a lot better then fire fox was.

  3. Awesome! I'm glad you're liking Opera.

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