Thursday, July 25, 2013

Close the World, Open the nExt - Ryutaro Nakamura (1955 - 2013)

I learned with much sadness today that anime creator Ryutaro Nakamura, who directed both Kino no Tabi and Serial Experiments Lain (for which this blog is named), passed away due to pancreatic cancer.

Based on interactions I've had with lain fans over the years from all around the world, I know I'm not alone when I say his works works have played an important role in my life. As I said tonight on Twitter, I suspect that many lain and Kino no Tabi marathons are being held right now.

Here are the news stories announcing his passing. It's worthwhile to read the comments to get a sense of the impact he left:


  1. I found this out yesterday, I had known he was sick but I didn't know it was this bad, it seems he had been sick since 2010. apparently Yoshitoshi ABe had posted on twitter that they were under the impression he was doing better and this came to as a shock to him. I always wanted to know more about the guy, while I could always find a lot of statements by the other "Big 4" Yoshitoshi ABe, Chiaki J. Konaka, and Yasuyuki Ueda, Ryutaro Nakamura seemed to be a very reserved person, I could only find a few joint interviews he was in and a single photo of him. however he was a major impact on the show, they credit him with making Lain the character we know and his influence becomes obvious once we look at other works like the lain video game or Texhnolyze which the others worked on but he didn't. he only seems to have done a few project, but they where all very great, and I think he was one of the greatest and extremely unrecognized directors, even with his own work. he also seems to have been a nice man as well, one of the few things I could find on him was him helping Konaka in a dispute with Ueda. the comments I heard on Ghost hounds and Despera, show they were all very happy to work with him. once again, a really great director and Good man has pasted away and he will be missed.

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  5. Ryûtarô Nakamura is a groundbreaking animation director known for his innovative use of sound. On April 15, 1955, he was born. Serial Experiments Lain, Kino's Journey, and Ghost Hound are just a few of the significant anime films he has directed. Nakamura died in 2013 after months in the hospital due to pancreatic cancer, leaving the work Despera unfinished.

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