Wednesday, September 22, 2010

serial experiments lain - new merchandise

Although the television series is more than 10 years old, serial experiments lain remains a cult classic anime (and the inspiration behind this blog, hence "lainspotting"). It has been awhile since we've seen new lain merchandise (see the Lain figure announced in 2006), but I was alerted to a new batch of cool lain goods that I'd love to get my hands on.

Aaron Schnuth, anime podcast pioneer and fellow lain fan, sent me an email with the relevant links to the goods sold on

Lain shirt

Lain shirt

1. Lain shirt - Close the world, Open the nExt. (shown above)

2. Lain shirt - Knights of the Eastern Calculus

3. Lain cup - DJ

4. Lain strap

In my opinion, these are a big deal for any serious collector of lain merchandise. Maybe you've seen lain shirts here and there at various conventions, but official/licensed shirts are rare.

I'm not sure why these are being sold all-of-a-sudden, but it might be related to the recent imminent release of serial experiments lain on Blu-ray in Japan.


  1. I was curious about the Blu-Ray (way too expensive for me unfortunately) so I did a search for Lain over on CDJapan. They currently have all 4 of these items available for pre-order. Surprised me since I didn't know they carried anime goods. :)

  2. Finally a Lain-related post, lol! :D
    I hope these come to retailers abroad.... they look awesome. <3

  3. I absolutely have to get my hands on a Knights of the Eastern Calculus shirt.

  4. I'd get the second tee if I knew Japanese! Last time I tried to order something from Japan by using translators the package never arrived... ugh.

  5. This shirt is almost impossible to find in 2019. Shame since it's my favorite official design.