Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fair Share, possibly the best iPhone tip calculator and bill splitter

Fair Share iPhone tip calculator and bill splitterMy long-time friend from college, Jerry Hsu, just released his first iPhone application. Now, I don't use an iPhone (and I philosophically prefer Web apps that are based on open standards and work across devices/browsers), but if you're going to make an iPhone app, it might as well be good, and Jerry's made a great one.

It's called Fair Share, and here's what it does. When you dine out with your friends and it's time to pay the bill, Fair Share...
  • Calculates the tip amount and bill, split fairly between every member of your party.

  • Provides an easy interface for entering different price amounts for the various items ordered and assigning them to specific members of your party.

  • Intelligently handles all kinds of ordering and payment situations.
Although Fair Share is one of many iPhone tip calculators and bill splitters out there, Jerry has worked hard (and done a ton of research) to make his version the best. The thing I love most about Fair Share is that it really embodies a part of Jerry's personality. Back in the day, whenever our group of friends went out for a meal, Jerry (being the treasurer of our college anime club) would take on the task of making sure everyone contributed properly to the bill. Jerry is a fair guy, and Fair Share represents his personal philosophy as much as his technical skill and understanding of what people need in software. To see it in action, view the video below: You can find the app on iTunes: Fair Share - Tip Calculator and Bill Splitter Jerry also writes about Fair Share on his blog: I'm sure he'd love to hear your feedback!


  1. I love this app for splitting bills. I also like the "simp tip" app for getting quick tip amounts. Both are great!

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