Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My new Flickr account

My backlog of items I want to blog about continues to grow. In the last few months, I've done a lot of traveling, attended a bunch of events, read a lot of interesting things, etc. There's more than enough to write about, but lately, I've been playing around with Flickr instead. Flickr is nice and easy because I have a lot of old photos lying around, and uploading and organizing them doesn't require much writing at all.

Please feel free to check out my photos here:


  1. Chris Vighagen here, I'm a member of AMRAC-L and have just set up a facebook group for the members of AMRAC-L....

    I'm using this as the facebook logo is that okay?

    Is it's okay to use it for now until I make a new one for the facebook group?

    You can reach me at danyaelx [at] gmail or on facebook.

  2. .... hey... just posting a thought about your article on the politics of otaku... yea, there's nothing wrong being an otaku... i enjoy my otakuness... ^ ^


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