Monday, May 29, 2006

My Otaku Room

For the Weekly Anime Review episode featuring an interview with yours truly, Aaron used an image of an otaku's room. Someone asked me if the picture was of my room. It isn't. While I like figures, I don't collect a whole lot of them. I mostly collect posters, artbooks, and other rare stuff I can get ahold of related to my favorite anime.

I've posted photos of my home office / anime-haven before, but it's been awhile. The following photos are the most recent, taken about a year ago (before Rowan was born). Since then, in order to put in Rowan's crib and changing table, I have moved some things around and removed the guest bed. (Rowan still gets to enjoy the posters, though.) Except for select titles that I like to have close by, I keep my modest anime and manga collection in other rooms (such as the living room where my TV and PS2 reside). Naturally, since these photos are over a year old and I don't typically throw things away, I have more stuff now.

room photo room photo

room photo room photo

Update 07/10/09: I recently started a group on Flickr to highlight people's Otaku Rooms. I hope you'll check it out and share your photos!


  1. If you mean that the room is tidy, you're right about that. Usually, though, it is much messier, with cans all over my desk, stuff scattered all over the floor, etc. The world doesn't need to see that, however. ;)

  2. I see that set of HDJ1000 hanging by the book rack, you into Dj'ing ?

    navjot (from orkut)

  3. I'm not a DJ, if that's what you're asking, but I am into old school hip hop (4 elements) and stuff by Pioneer.

  4. excelente!
    tu pieza es super otaku ^^
    sorry que no escriba en ingles

  5. Thats allot (and nice) posters you have! :D

    But come on! Where are the merchandise like a figure of Macross Valkyrie xD

    (saw a macross plus wallpaper figured you like macross too :P)

  6. Didn't you see my transformable SDF-1? =)

    You're right, though. I do need to get myself a Valkyrie. Maybe at Anime Expo this year.

  7. I like your way to paste the poster.
    Share your room's photos on facebook "OTAKU ROOM COLLECTION".