Thursday, August 11, 2005

Opera Mini's Other Name and More Opera Photos

Yesterday's post about my visit to Opera has been well-received, but the big news about Opera was the announcement of the very exciting Opera Mini, which will allow the browser to run on low- and mid-tier cell phones. I hope this service comes to the US quickly. Could it usher in a whole new cell phone culture in the US? When camera phones became affordable and part of everyday life, that was huge for the cell phone industry. Will affordable full-powered mobile browsing be the next big thing?

true mobile browsing + camera phones + millions of users = endless possibilities

Anyhow, that's not the main point of this journal entry. With all the buzz surrounding the announcement, people haven't noticed that Opera Mini also has another name (which you'll notice if you look at the download links). That name is "Operette". It might only be an internal or development code name; I really don't know. Perhaps Opera will drop that name altogether, but personally, I hope they keep it. It's a really cute name, don't you think? (Imagine a younger Opera-tan or her little sister)

More Opera Photos

I don't have more of my own photos to share, but last night I remembered that there are actually more Opera photos online, even though a lot of people might not realize it. As it turns out, several of Opera's annual reports (brochures, essentially) from previous years have actually used photos of real Opera employees in the Opera offices. PDF files of these brochures can be found on Opera's Investor Relations page, but you can also click on the images below for direct links:

2000: I don't remember their names, but I recognize some of Opera's engineers.

2001: I recognize Jakob on page 3 and Live Leer, desktop product line manager, on page 6.

2002: The cover features Fredrik, Opera's Webmaster. That's Live again on page 3.

2003: I'm not positive about this report, but I think it uses photos of Opera employees. The cover, anyhow, looks like Jon S. von Tetzchner, Opera's CEO.

As far as I know, the 2004 report doesn't use Opera employee photos. Maybe we'll see some in the 2005 report.


  1. Operette? Well - what could be more fitting - as an operette is a fun mini-opera (musical comedy.) And as far as I know, Opera Mini is both fun and a mini Opera. ;-)

  2. On Page 5 in the 2004 report, there is a "Just enter" sticky note. That is actually a genuine note still in existance, but not where it appears in the report.

    On Page 9 there is a girl with a mobile phone. She's working for Opera.

    Picture on page 17 is from within Opera's offices.

  3. Oops, I was commenting on the 2003 report, not 2003.